“This is a mindblower... We must have said "Wow" or "look at THAT!" a hundred times between us. It takes the phrase "eye candy" to new heights. Truly inspirational, soul-achingly beautiful... I loved it and plan on viewing it many times...especially when I feel my sense of awe and wonder slipping. Everyone who loves sheer beautiful imagery should buy this magnificent work of art.”

- James Lawrence, Santa Barbara, CA

“Folks, every once in a while I review something other than a book.  This video is an excellent idea. Normally I would never buy anything like this. But when I saw what it was, and especially the line on the box reading: "This extraordinary odyssey is told not with words but in picture and the language of the gods-music," I knew that I needed it. So I spent.... on it!!”

“I know I will watch this again and again. I have only once so far, and once you sit in front of this esoteric cosmic art for just a few seconds, you will be entranced into a vision losing all concepts of time. You will unite with the undulations. WHoaaaaaaahh. It really is good folks.”

- Joel Brown, Pittsburgh, PA

“Infinity’s Child is a good reason to own a DVD player and a good powered subwoofer!”

- Stephen W. Jackson, Arlington, VA

“Infinity's Child', the long awaited sequel to 'Planetary Traveler', is a unique exploration of the animated abstract computer art of Bill Ellsworth... [It] takes us on a mind-blowing visual journey that absolutely shatters the cliches associated with popular consumption computer animation... This is heady stuff! ...it is Ellsworth's recognizable style combined with great editing, and a topnotch electronic music soundtrack that is the conceptual gel that holds things together. You don't have to be a computer-head to enjoy the ride. Anyone with an imagination and a willingness to explore new ideas will find this entertaining. 'Infinity's Child' is an intense visual experience that will stand up to repeated viewing. This one gets my highest recommendation. Get it!”

- B. McLeod, USA

“This DVD/video is the sequel to Planetary Traveler. It is a visual and aural feast that'll really blow you away. If you have any interest whatsoever in computer graphics and animation, you must see this -it's amazing!”

- Bill Rogers, Colorado


Infinity’s Child

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