Bill Ellsworth

Bill Ellsworth is a computer artist living in Washington D.C. whose unique approach to digital abstraction has gained him widespread acclaim.  In addition to his work on “Infinity’s Child” and “Planetary Traveler”, his artistry has also been exhibited at MacWorld and SIGGRAPH.

“I see how our minds filter out perceptual information in order for us to maintain our "roles" in life and function together as a society.

I also see that this filtering discards vast amounts of potentially important information for us as human beings. I try, in my little artistic routines, to indicate that there is more to this existence and these experiences that we have than what we habitually noticed.

Making art is like going for a walk.  You can choose to stick to the familiar paths or you can go off into the wild.  I like to explore places I've never seen and my pleasure is to make things that are unfamiliar.  Art should shock the viewer to a heightened awareness.  The journey is the goal.”  - Bill Ellsworth

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