“If you missed the 60’s, this is your chance to trip legally.”  
- Bill Hoffman, New York Post

The New Infinity’s Child is an extraordinary computer animated odyssey told mainly in the language of the gods - music.  Journey to the outer reaches of your inner mind as an alien race discovers the gateway world of ancient legend - a bridge to a shift in consciousness.

Emmy Award® winning director Jan Nickman (The Mind’s Eye®) and Grammy® nominated composer Paul Haslinger (Underworld) along with exceptionally gifted digital artist Bill Ellsworth have created the ultimate trip.

An unparalleled mind-bending, psychedelic journey Infinity’s Child is now available in a new, widescreen, re-edited version.  Experience the new Infinity’s Child with higher resolution and a bonus ten minute condensed version of its predecessor Planetary Traveler. 

Immerse yourself into the physical remains of spiritual travels.
Take the trip - shift your consciousness.

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“If you think the trip in 2001: A Space Odyssey was something, wait until you see this one.  It is a stunning piece of work.”
- Doug Nye, The State